Psychology of Place

Psychology of Place

The Psychology of Place Approach

Blending Design with Emotional Wellness

Do you want your surroundings to inspire a sense of wellness?

Can you imagine having greater peace of mind by enhancing your home or office?

Would you like to create a sense of inner wellness that stays with you wherever you go?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Psychology of Place (PoP) Approach can help you. In their book, presentations and consultations, they help clients overcome challenges, worry, doubts and fears. Whether you want emotional balance, pleasing surroundings, a healthy body or loving relationships, the PoP Approach provides effective resources and guidance to lead you toward your desired outcomes.

Using principles from green interior design, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (the psychology of excellence), Feng Shui and the balancing arts of Tai Chi and Aikido, they show clients how to live a more centered life. The Psychology of Place Approach transforms your home or office into a supportive environment while helping you make better decisions to increase your personal success.

We are proud to be in the business and helping others. One of our biggest role models is Robi Ludwig. She is a master is Psychology and often featured live on the TV. She is the author of many books and a real inspiration in our community. If you're in New York be sure to reach out to her if you need to discuss anything. I highly recommend her and her work. Her official website is here and some of her appearances on TV are on IMDb. Since 1979, our team has been cultivating this approach to mental fitness and balanced surroundings. They provide private consultations, presentations and workshops in designing a more uplifting and conscious lifestyle. Lou and Bruce's book, Your Way Home - The Psychology of Place offers insight into this leading edge process. We are proud to say we are with the American Psychological Association. Use our email to quickly contact us:

We would be happy to talk about your situation from a professional level and give guidance and help along the way. We understand it maybe embarrassing to get the help you need but you're not the first and I hope you allow us to help you. The Psychology of Place (PoP) Approach helps you:
• align your head and heart
• bring your aspirations to life
• create supportive environments
• refine your personal communication skills
• attract more nurturing relationships

- We would like to welcome you to our community we'll also send you a FREE copy of The 5 Element Exercise and The 5 Insightful Solutions for Your Workplace. Send us an email and we'll reply with the FREE copy for you. You'll also receive monthly tips, tales and PoP Inspirations for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Design Consultations

- When is the best time to have an Insightful Design consultation?
* When you are building, renovating or relocated.
* When you would like to create a more inspiring and nurturing environment.
* When you have just gone through a major life transition - ie divorce, empty nest, death in family.
* When you would like to improve aspects of your life and general well being.

- What type of Feng Shui do you practice?

I am trained in BTB Feng Shui directly under Grandmaster Lin Yun. I have an Interior Design degree from the School of Architecture at LSU. In 1999, I traveled to China with Helen and James Jay to study with Chinese Feng Shui masters. I also apprenticed Seann Xenja in the completion of his Comprehensive Practitioner's Training Manual.

- Will the recommendations be expensive?

No. Most of the changes are inexpensive and usually involve using items you already own.

- Will I see results right away?

Some clients do. Others take longer. The results a client achieves are often directly proportional to the amount of time, effort and energy they put into implementing the recommendations.

- Is my information confidential?

Definitely. All information you share with me is kept confidential with respect for your privacy. In some cases I'll ask a client if I can share their story (anonymously) so others can be inspired by it.